Need an argumentative essay on What is a revolution. Needs to be 2 pages. Please

Need an argumentative essay on What is a revolution. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.
From whatever direction you approach it, revolution implies a need to consider the historical events before, during, and after a revolution. What were the precipitating factors that brought about the people’s call for change? How did they proceed to bring about the change? Did the change in fact accomplish the goals in the changes it brought about?
There are many good examples of revolution to be considered. the French Revolution,
the events of which began in 1787, when the call for change rang out among the French. and ended in 1799, with a new Constitution. Another famous revolution is the American Revolution, which lead to America’s independence from England.
A revolution, which has not yet been identified as a revolution, and is one that, while it has been extensively discussed by notable authors and journalists such as Bernard Lewis, in his 2005 commentary entitled Freedom and Justice in the Modern Middle East. is perhaps better known as the War on Terrorism. is the Muslim Islamic revolution that has been ongoing since the time of the Prophet Mohammad (Lewis 1-26). “…Muslims – particularly those in the Middle East – have suffered new experiences that have transformed their vision of themselves and the world and reshaped the language in which they discuss it (1).”
The experience of Muslims includes the occupation of Egypt by Napoleon, in 1798 (2). The social norms and French law that Napoleon brought with him and attempted to apply to Egypt’s Muslims, were in stark contrast to the laws of Islam (2). “The Koran,” Lewis writes, “for example, makes it clear that there is a duty of obedience: ‘Obey God, obey the Prophet, obey those who hold authority over you (6).’” The Koran also gives instructions concerning under what conditions, in case those conditions are not already made clear by the three previously cited dictates. by saying,

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