I will pay for the following essay The Circular Economy. The essay is to be 12 p

I will pay for the following essay The Circular Economy. The essay is to be 12 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.
It plans to implement practices that will streamline its production process and reduce its energy flows. It wants to achieve a circular economic model by which it can recycle and reuse its manufactured products to minimise its resource utilization as well as cost. Developing manufacturing facilities that use less energy and reduces emission will create greater sustainability as well as reduce the impact on the environment. It aims at procuring the used products from its customers at an agreed price or by offering them discounts on their new purchase. This will not only help the garden tools manufacturing company to reuse various structural and functional parts in the assembly of new equipments but will also market its strategy successfully which is aimed at long term sustainability.
The gardener’s job became much easier in the year 1830 when first mechanical land mower was invented (Jenkins, 2015). Now days most of the land mowers are either powered by electricity or gas. It turns blades that either cut like scissors or rotate like a propeller in order to chop the grass. The gas mowers have rotary plates that spin horizontally on a vertical crank shaft.
In order to make the blade housing which is called the deck, a machine first applies a lubricating chemical to sheet steel that is coiled when it first comes to the factory (Bralla, 2007). The chemical helps flatten the steel so that it is easier to cut the steel. A press is then used to perforate the sheet every 60 cm. After the press separates the sheet and rounds it off the corners a robotic arm is used to move each segment on to a dock (Koren, 2010). The 500 tonne press then bends the steel like steel foil in between two loads in order to give the steel its basic shape. A robot then leaves the oily deck with the suction cups and then they are moved to another press. The new machine trims the excess around the decks edges. Then

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