Create a disparity reduction plan that you could present to both physicians and the hospital administration in your community that focuses on both a specific disparity and demographic(s) affected by that disparity.

Using the problem-solving methodology, you will:

1) identify the problem,

2) discuss the population most affected,

3) indicate the root cause of the problem,

4) suggest a possible solution to the problem, and

5) surmise positive outcomes from this solution based on it being used in other areas.

Use data to support your answer. Present your findings to the physicians and hospital admin in the form of a PowerPoint presentation. Your presentation should consist of at least ten (10) slides, not counting the title and references slides.

PowerPoint Requirements:

1) All graphics must be clear.

2) All graphics must be cited.

3) Include at least four photos.

4) Include at least one graphic.

5) Include notes so that the information on the slide contains simple bulleted phrases and the notes expand on those bullets with complete sentences – as if you would use them in an oral presentation to the physicians and hospital administration.


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