Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy

This research needs to have as references – at least 4 peer-review journals and 4 primary sources like books, workbooks, other articles, etc.. To follow are to be subheadings: 1)Discuss REBT system of philosophy that supports this theory; 2)what elements of REBT are found in other theories; 3)how is development; personality; learning capacities are integrated or supported in REBT; include discussion on the nature of the person, innate capacities/capabilities; and motivations of behaviors according to REBT; 4) How does REBT account for the wide variety of individual behaviors; 5) discuss how REBT provides for the culturally/socioeconomically different clientele; 6) How does REBT define maladjustment; 7) Explain through REBT theory what are the necessary conditions for constructive personality and/or behavior change to take place; 8) explain according to REBT goal setting; 9) Discuss according to REBT what defines clients improvement and what are the goals for this type of counseling; 10) describe the role of the REBT counselor and include: a) major counseling techniques used and why they are used; b) techniques used with specific clientele i.e. substance abusers, physical/child abusers, delinquents, depressives, anxiety, perfectionists, eating disorders, etc… 11) What is REBT’s position on history taking, diagnosis, and appraisal. Explain this theory’s position on these. 12) Would a REBT counselor accept treatment for clients whose value systems are opposed to REBT (such an involuntary clients). 13) Summarize the research that supports REBT.

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