Socially Responsible business

Read this book case eight After Rana Plaza(pages 531 in PDF) This Case Analysis Process will help guide a team of 3-4 peers through a process in which a case facilitator will present the case scenario and team members will act as consultants to: • Generate new ways to look at a challenge or questions.• Develop new approaches for responding to the challenge or questions.• Answer questions pertaining to the case in a way that is collaborative and all members are engaged in the process.PURPOSETo access the wisdom and experience of the team members and to respond to an important leadership challenge in an innovative and collective way through a case analysis process.PRINCIPLES• The case should be approached as a leadership challenge that is current and concrete.• The case facilitator needs to be a key player in presenting the case to the team.• The team members in the case analysis are peers, so there is no hierarchical relationship among them.• Using a systems thinking approach implies that business firms (social organisms) are embedded in a broader social structure (external environment) with which they constantly interacting with stakeholders. Companies have ongoing boundary exchanges with stakeholders such as customers, governments, competitors, the media, communities, and many other individuals and groups. USES and OUTCOMES• Concrete and innovative ideas for how to respond to a pressing leadership challenge;• High level of exchange and positive energy among the team members and; • Cooperation with: mindfulness and deep listening practices.RESOURCESKerul Kassel and Isabel Rimanoczy, (2018) Developing a Sustainability Mindset. Routledge: Abingdon, OX; New York, NY.C. Otto Scharmer, (2009) Theory U: Learning from the Future as it Emerges. Berrett-Koehler: San Francisco, CA.Donella H. Meadows, (2008) Thinking in Systems: A Primer. Edited by Diana Wright. Sustainability Institute. Chelsea Green Publishing: White River Junction, VT. CASE ANALYSIS PROCESS I. Discuss and answer the following questions: 1. Under what conditions are different corporate strategies appropriate? Can you predict why different companies might respond in different ways?

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