Special Occasion Speech

Description In this one-two minute minor speech, you will be choosing one of the following four special occasion speeches: giving an award, accepting an award, giving a toast, or eulogy. Keep in mind that you can be creative with the content of this speech as long as you address the specific criteria for each speech. For instance, you might choose to give an award to your dog or eulogize your childhood goldfish. You can also take a more serious approach and give a toast that you will actually be giving at a wedding, family reunion, etc. Re-read the section of your text that describes the particular special occasion speech you’ve chosen. Next, write your speech with those criteria in mind and then practice, practice, practice! See each grading criteria below for speech type: Giving An Award -Names the organization giving the award and describes the selection process (5 points) -Describes values represented by the award (5 points) -Mentions qualifications of the recipient (5 points)

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