Discussion of the Health Problem/Synthesis Paper

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In this essay, nursing is discussed from the perspective of an advanced nurse practitioner.
Present a thorough interventionist strategy that the advanced practice nurse can use when working with individuals who are dealing with one of the course’s primary health issues (see the Content Outline for more information).
Talk about the theoretical foundation for the intervention and how theory is being employed in this case to direct advanced nursing practice. Talk in-depth about the principles of health promotion, sickness prevention, and function maintenance as the primary goals of advanced nursing practice in this circumstance. Give a thorough description of the interventionists’ manner of care in this case, support it with solid research findings, and talk about the evaluation process.
These are the crucial elements of the paper:
Title Page I
II. An examination of the health issue
Discuss Takotsubo cardiomyopathy as a health issue. Describe the role of advance practice nurses as interventionists. Describe the theoretical background.
i. Betty Neuman’s theory of nursing
1. Dissect her model and apply it while using the patient as an example.
2. Apply her model to inform your assessment, diagnosis, planning, and evaluation phases of the patient’s care plan. 3. Talk about the theoretical underpinnings of the intervention and how theory is being applied to inform advanced nursing practice in this case.
d. Care plan evaluation i. Consider your care plan,
1. Was the original plan effective or do we need to make changes?
2. Patient training
3. Recommendations for action
e. Disease prevention f. Promotion of good health
b. In this instance, the primary goal of advanced nursing practice is the detailed maintenance of function.
H. Caregiving Methodology I. Price J. Concluding
3. Reference is required. APA sixth edition



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