tax-planning strategy

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SFAS No. 109 uses the term “tax-planning strategy.” The meaning of this term in the pronouncement is somewhat different from its usage in ordinary business conversation. Typically, one would expect the term tax-planning strategy to connote the actions management takes to minimize the enterprise’s long-run tax obligation. An enterprise may, for example, structure its credit sales activities such that these sales would qualify for treatment as installment sales for tax purposes. Such an approach would allow the deferral of taxable revenue until cash is actually received. The use of the term tax-planning strategy in SFAS No. 109 differs from the traditional use, however.

Explain the meaning of the term “tax-planning strategy” as the term is used in SFAS No. 109.

The writing assignment will demonstrate writing across the curriculum responding to the topic selected in a 500-700 words paper – APA Format with 1 reference 


2question description

The paper should cover a crisis intervention and the crisis intervention in terms of the disaster, victims, and responders.

How the disaster was dealt with after the loss of lives and the impact on the families on short and long terms.

It should include historical and background issues as well as information on pertinent crisis intervention strategies and tactics.

Must be type written and spell-checked.

8-10 pages minimum

Spelling, punctuation, grammar, originality, and appropriate use of citations are essential.

Creativity and innovation are encouraged in term paper development.

Must use APA style for the bibliography section.

8.5-inch x 11-inch paper.

The paper requires a “cover sheet” with a) title of the paper, b) the student’s name and the c) department’ name and d) course number.

The paper must have five to ten primary references.

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