All posts must be grammatical and use proper spelling and punctuation—textspeak like “i” and “u” will automatically lose 5 points for your work for the week, so please make sure that you are writing in proper academic English, not textspeak.  A late initial post will lose 5 points for the week, so make sure to post on time.  Your posts must meet word length requirements, or you will lose points.

Note about originality–this applies to each week’s Discussion Board: If one of your posts contain plagiarized material, unoriginal writing that you have not cited and have not used quotation marks to identity, you will receive a zero for the week’s work, and you will not have the chance to make this up.  This will also count as a course absence.  So be very careful to do original work, and if you quote something you have found on the Internet or in your textbook, make sure to use quotation marks and cite it.

Each week you will need to post to the board to make your initial post.  You will not be able to read the posts of other students until you post your initial post.  This is so that you will do original work.

You cannot delete or edit your posts, so make sure to write your post and then copy it to the discussion board.  If you need to repost, you will have to label your post Revised.

Do not post any slugs to the forum.  A slug is an empty post and is considered a form of cheating.  If you post an empty post in error, you are expected to immediately repost your initial post.  Failure to do so will be interpreted as posting a slug, and this is not acceptable behavior in our class.

Here are your directions for this week’s Discussion board:

Imagine you are a middle school counselor who must give a workshop presentation for families on the topic of cyberbullying.  How would you structure your program, what activities could you use that would involve both students and their families?

After you have answered these questions in your initial post, then please respond to at least two other students’ initial posts and discuss what they have found in their research, and support each other in your responses.

Your responses should further the conversation and always be thorough, curious, and respectful.  We have much to learn from each other, and the Discussion boards are our “virtual classroom,” where we get to discuss everything we are learning throughout our course. 300 words

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