Utilize the Health Promotion Model (Health Belief Model) or other health promotion framework to support your educational plan.

Professional Nursing Education Project
1. Develop an educational plan (lesson plan) in an APA formatted paper
including objectives content teaching strategies and methods references pretest
and posttest. The education you provide should be directly related to the issue you
selected to address and change in the Current Issue in Professional Nursing Project
and Professional Nursing Change Project.
2. Provide the developed education to an appropriately selected group using the
teaching plan described below.
3. Critique the implementation of the teaching plan and process.
Consider the change you are implementing in your chosen population. What
education needs to be provided in order to successfully implement the change
What training will staff need to implement the evidence-based strategies How will
community members receive education about changes and improvements
promoting community health and safety Develop your plan in an APA formatted
paper based on the criteria below:
Content Criteria
Objectives 1. Develop a minimum of 3 objectives for the outcome of the
provided education.
Utilize Bloom s Taxonomy to develop your learning
Introduction to
1. Discuss your education topic and develop how you will
introduce your topic to the audience.
2. Discuss introduction to visual aides. Visual aides such as
PowerPoints brochures and posters should be attached as an
Appendix to the paper. Photos of posters used are acceptable.
Pretest/Posttest 1. Develop a minimum of 3 oral questions for the audience.
Questions should relate to the objectives
Pretest assesses initial knowledge base
Posttest assesses knowledge base post education
(pretest/posttest questions may be the same
Content 1. Utilize the Health Promotion Model (Health Belief Model)
or other health promotion framework to support your
educational plan.
2. Develop your teaching method and strategy.
3. Indicate why you chose the education delivery method
4. Provide a detailed description of the content provided in
your teaching plan. **If you are utilizing a PowerPoint or
other visual method for education which displays your
content you may instead provide an overall description of the
content and state the detailed content is attached as an
1. Provide a Participant Evaluation to a minimum of 2
**Please make every attempt to encourage your preceptor to
attend your educational presentation and provide t

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