variables associated with interrogations?

Students will complete a research paper. Here, you will identify an issue from our text. For example, chapter six examines interrogations and confessions. On the surface this two areas may seem straightforward, however after observation you will learn some people confess to crimes they did not commit. Also, what are some variables associated with interrogations? Here, you could examine race, income or even the psychology behind interrogations. Chapter eight is another chapter that is full of possible research topics.

You will be graded primarily on your depth of analysis. Also, be sure to use good grammar. Points will be deducted for poor or awkward sentences. Use paragraph transitions as well. What exactly should this essay incorporate?

*Your paper should be 8 double spaced pages. 8 FULL PAGES!!!
*Use Times New Roman with a font size of 12 and one inch margins.
*You must use eight references.
*You references and citations must be in APA 6th format. If you are unaccustomed to APA, please purchase the APA manual 6th edition.
* You may treat your textbook as one source…others should be academic.
*Worth 100 points (20% of your total grade).
Do not use Wikipedia as a reference!! This site is not considered an academic site. Just like the site suggests…anyone can credit something.
Your Professor must approve internet references.

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