What policy recommendations would you make?

Assignment 2: Future of Probation and Parole

An examination of the history of probation and parole reveals many changes in the way this country has managed its criminal offenders. As we’ve seen throughout this course, many factors, such as societal values, political ideology, and psychological theories have impacted our criminal justice system and resulted in theoretical and procedural changes. If this trend continues, probation and parole, as we know it today, may not be the same twenty years from now. With this in mind, please answer the questions given below.


By Week 5, Day 4, in at least 300 words, post to the Discussion Area your answers to the following:

Think about all of the topics covered in this course pertaining to probation and parole. State your opinion regarding what works and what doesn’t work. Give specific examples and provide a rationale for your responses.
As a nation, are our lawmakers headed in the right direction when it comes to our policies and expectations for our criminal justice system in general and for probation and parole in particular?
What policy recommendations would you make? Explain your answers

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