Which step do you think is the most important and why?

Describe the Six-Step Presentation Plan. Which step do you think is the most important and why?

2. The textbook notes that credibility must be established early, and doing so is critical to your success as a sales person. What are some ways you can demonstrate credibility at the beginning of the sales interaction?

3. Chapter 11’s Selling In Action presents a number of techniques for uncovering customers’ needs. Which one do you consider the most effective? Explain your answer briefly.

4. Chapter 11 discusses four main categories of questions used to gain certain detail or information from buyers. List each type of question category, and provide one appropriate question for each type.

5.From the consumer’s point-of-view, which of the media (Internet marketing, direct marketing) we are discussing this week are likely to make you change your buying behavior and why?

6. Class, I want you to gain insights about the research used by marketers in practice. Browse through the library databases to familiarize yourselves with the industry and academic research related to consumers, marketing communications, and Internet marketing. What did you find? What was most useful and why?

7. Discuss the digital disruption that is impacting the traditional print media of newspapers and magazines. What are some of the ways publishers can respond to these changes and attract and retain advertisers?

8. It’s no surprise, but we’re back to branding. While we hold a particular brand image in our head as an abstract thought, it is the ads and media that were employed which create the notion of a brand. Subsequently, this means that marketers had to first develop a media plan. First, what is an effective brand message?

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