Why is diversity important in the workplace environment?

When does an employer’s need for information about employee performance cross over the line and interfere with a worker’s right to privacy? Is any employer’s action acceptable as long as employees are notified ahead of time that they will be monitored? What about the demarcation between monitoring work and non-work behavior? When employees engage in work-related activities at home during evenings and weekends, does management’s prerogative to monitor employees remain in force? What’s your opinion?
Is it unethical to purposely distort communications to get a favorable outcome? What about “little white lies” that don’t really hurt anybody? Are these ethical? What guidelines could you suggest for those in Human Resource Management who want guidance in deciding whether distorting information is ethical or unethical?
What makes an ethical organization? Is it that they never consider not being in compliance with the law? Is it that they try to always engage in socially acceptable practices? Or is it that engaging in these behaviors is never questioned by anyone in the company?
If you say pay for performance which always resonates in American and European companies, it doesn’t resonate in Japan. They don’t turn down money but it isn’t part of the cultural motivation. Why is this?
Human resources professionals who are not currently engaged at that level of the business, what would be your advice for them to be able to build stronger partnerships with their CEOs and board of directors?
Responses to last 3 question should be in your own words and be 150 words or more

Describe the workforce shifts in types of jobs during the past 100 years. What implications have these shifts created for today’s human resources managers? Which groups will comprise the greatest influx into the U.S. workforce over the next ten years?
Why is diversity important in the workplace environment? What can organizations do to encourage diversity?
How is Human resource management involved in the area of diversity?

What are some examples of unethical behavior within an organization? How is Human resource management involved in business ethics?

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