Wilmington University Corporation Fact Finding Mission of Apple Inc Paper

This week’s discussion board will be a “corporation” fact-finding mission. The purpose of this exercise is to start students’ research on their company project. This is a research and report discussion forum based on your initial financial research of your corporation.

Students will be required to:

  1. Use the Mergent Intellect (Links to an external site.) and Mergent Archives (Links to an external site.) library business resources to supplement their uploaded annual report and other web sources.
  2. Look up their publicly traded company.
  3. Students will share several paragraphs discussing basic characteristics of their company in an original post and reply to their classmates on their classmates’ findings.
  4. Insert your company name as the title of your thread.

Be sure to include pages of the required minimum length discussing all the items below for full credit on your initial post. Insert the name of your assigned corporation as the title of your thread.

In your original post, provide reports of the stated required length on each of the following items. Include references. The responses to each of these questions can be re-applied within the appropriate sections of your final paper, so thorough work is encouraged:

  1. Provide one full APA page of text (minimum) that identifies your company, it’s primary products, markets, subsidiaries,risks, and any special highlights about your assigned corporation. This is also required for the Corporate Description of your paper.
  2. Provide one half page APA text (minimum). What is your assigned corporation’s current condition of the ‘right-hand’ side of the balance sheet in terms of total debt to total equity of the firm? In other words, provide and analyze the debt to equity ratio. This is a required part of the weighted average cost of capital (WACC) portion of your paper.
  3. Provide one full APA page of text (minimum) that discusses the following items. Note: One APA page total, not one APA page for each. This is also required for the Financial Statement Trend Assessment in your final paper.
    • Skim through the firm’s most recent annual report. What are your impressions on the company’s income statement trends and balance sheet trends? Report on at least one interesting finding from each of the income statement trends and balance sheet trends.
    • List some interesting financial facts about your company. This could be related to revenue, income, taxes paid, or any of the financial aspects examined in Chapters 2 and 3.
    • Having done parts (a) and (b), now compare what you now know to what you knew about your company prior to this research.

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