Workplace harassment, and sexual harassment in particular.

Workplace harassment, and sexual harassment in particular, are prohibited by law. Employers are required to conduct employee training — of supervisors especially, and ideally all employees — at least annually, as a preventive practice. In addition, employers should have an adequate policy that (1) prohibits sexual harassment; (2) provides for claims to be made in house; (3) provides for investigation of claims; (4) ensures action will be taken to end any harassment if found; and (4) ensures that that there will be no retaliation relating to such claims. Having a good policy and training can foster positive workplace morale and provide effective defenses to workplace lawsuits. PROMPT: and other sources on the Internet have videos depicting sexual harassment for training — to define, illustrate and explain it. Not all of these are good ones. For this Forum: 1. Browse YouTube (or other Internet source) and select a video that you believe is a good vehicle to use in workplace training about sexual harassment. Include its title and the URL link in your main post. (Please use the link icon in the menu to paste in the URL so that it can be easily clicked from your post to access your video choice.)

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