African-American Studies

Text:Between the world and me by Richard wright Craft an argument how personification changes and shifts the perspective into the “writer” aper. In order to successfully complete this assignment you will need to draw on all of the skills we’ve studied and practiced throughout the semester: researching a topic, interpreting difficult texts, incorporating sources to bolster your argument, employing persuasive strategies to sway your reader, executing proper essay form, engaging opposing viewpoints forcefully and fairly, and so on. Keep in mind that this assignment is not simply a research paper. It’s an argumentative research paper. In other words, you won’t simply be “reporting the facts.” Instead, you will need to formulate your own opinion and defend it. To begin, choose a well-defined and narrow topic/issue that centers on a single text we’ve read. (Your topic must be one which elicits multiple opinions and perspectives.) Next, research the topic (including perspectives that differ from your own) and craft an argument that defends your position

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