Comprehensive Finance Project

Using the balance sheets, income statements and statements of cash flow for New Oriental Education & Technology Group Inc (EDU) that I posted in my comprehensive project 1, calculate and interpret the financial ratios, using the Common Financial Ratios table as a template for your work. Analyze the Statement of Cash Flow to duplicate the calculation of Cash Flow from Assets (See Cash Flow Summary Table). The Market Value Ratios should be based on data from the week or day that you complete this assignment. For the calculation of Tobin’s Q, you may assume that the replacement cost of assets is also their market value. Now put yourself in the role of a financial analyst and create a story about the financial performance and health of your company. Find at least two recent Analyst Reports for your company. The analyst reports will include financial analysis, financial projections, and recommendations with regard to whether the stock for your company is undervalued (Buy Recommendation) or overvalued (Sell Recommendation). Using the information from the analyst reports, complete your assessment of the financial performance and health of your company. Also, include in your research for this segment of the project a review of the Chief Executive Officer’s letter to the shareholders. What is the CEO saying about the performance of the company and where the company is going in the future. How does what he/she is saying relate to what the analysts are saying and what you concluded from your own analysis? Based on all the evidence, would you invest money in the equity of your business at this time? Yes or no and why. This final report should be at least 10 pages in length, constructed with appropriate headings and paragraph structure. You must include a list of references. Finally, I DO NOT want copies of financial statements in this report but rather your analysis of financial statements and other information. And use a 12-point font. If you copy and paste, please indicate the source. Some presentation tips: a. Present your numbers with no more than 2 decimal places and format large numbers with commas so the reader has a chance. Do not present 2000000000. Rather present $2,000,000,000. b. If you calculate and present several years of ratios, please do indicate the year the ratio is relevant for. Do not present .20 .30 .40. Do present 2014 2015 2016 and put ratio under year.

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