case brief about Roper v Simmons.

This a case brief about Roper v Simmons. Format for case brief Citation I. -Case name, cite, and date Facts II. a. Clear and concise facts b. At the end of the facts list: i. what did the trial court do? ii. what did the appellate court(s) do? iii. Do NOT state what the Supreme Court did or the appellate court that is writing the case in the. text (that would be found in IV and V. Issue(s) III. a. write the issue(s) in question form. i. Issue(s) should be answered in III. by a yes or no b. If more than 1 issue,- differentiate (ex. A.B.C.) Answer(s) IV. a. should be answered by a yes or no only b. if more than 1 issue, you need more than 1 answer- differentiate Legal reasoning V. a. ask yourself: WHY did the court answer the issue as they did? i. EXPLAIN!! b. Make sure you note and discuss what specific court is writing the legal reasoning. c. Finish V. by stating what the court held. (finish your reasoning) Conclusion: Should be either affirm or reverse Now rules: Center Roman numerals, left hand margins for paragraphs, write full case name for cite, full paragraphs (do not write one gigantic paragraph break it down when appropriate), and good grammar (good sentence structure)

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