Complete 2 page APA formatted essay: Rise of Communism. Although global communis

Complete 2 page APA formatted essay: Rise of Communism.
Although global communism was at first tolerable, it drew opposition from a theory emanating in 1917 and 1933 that global communism was to be attained through revolutions. As such, the twentieth century saw the rise of two massive communist revolutions, Chinese and Russian Revolutions.The Russian Revolution of 1917 saw series of revolutionary uprisings in Russia within the year. In February the Emperor together with the old regime was replaced by a provisional government that was later replaced in October by a communist, Bolshevik, government (Gleason, Kenez, and Stites, 1985). The onset of the revolution took place in modern day Saint Petersburg where the imperial government formed the provisional government. However, the governance of the provisional government was not satisfactory for the Bolsheviks who protested and later in October took control after mobilizing masses’ support. For example, the decision by the provisional government to commence with the German conflict drew contestation hence fueling the misunderstandings further. However, after the October revolution the following years saw the onset of the Russian civil wars. The Russian Revolution was sparked by decreasing confidence in the government due to the strained economic status and poor wages making it easy to mobilize masses. During this period the First World War was ongoing and some of Russia’s major economic activities had been derailed causing inflation and food shortages in the capital. (Kenez, and Stites, 1985).

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