Compose a 750 words essay on Could terrorists aquire Weapons of Mass Destruction

Compose a 750 words essay on Could terrorists aquire Weapons of Mass Destruction and how significant is the threat of them being used. Needs to be plagiarism free!
Most of these terrorist groups have sought to obtain the weapon of mass destruction. Al-Queda is the only terrorist group still pursuing to have WMD. The possibility of terrorist groups acquiring WMD is higher through former Soviet Union and due to the distribution of information and technology. The threat is evident with countries budgeting for prevention and response to these attacks.
Most of the terrorists groups’ intentions changed from politics to the ability to kill a large number of people evident through actions of Al-Queda hence need WMD. Al-Queda is the leading group in the search to have WMD that is in line with the group’s goal of killing a large number of people in each attack. Al-Qaeda’s goal is evident from 9/11 attack and aborted attacks on the same day. Their ability has tremendously increased in the past due to their economic capability and availability of relevant information. However, the ability to acquire nuclear weapon may be lower due to technology requirements, unavailability of materials to build one and regulation in its acquisition. The terrorist groups have no option but use the improvised explosives in their attacks. The CIA shares the same idea that terrorist groups have lesser chances of acquiring WMD.
Many terrorist groups including Aum Shinrikyo, Al-Queda and associates have in the past pursued WMD (Mowatt-Larssen, 2010, p 1). Strict regulations are among the factors impeding these groups from having the weapons. Even with these regulations, some terrorist groups like Al-Queda have made much progress in the process of acquiring WMD. The main goal of Al-Queda is to acquire nuclear weapon emanate from the message of the former leader Osama bin Laden. Other groups find it challenging and resort to using weapons including explosives that are easy to acquire. The accessibility to WMD by the terrorist groups is still hard, but some groups may acquire these weapons in future.
The threat

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