Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses Auto world case study- Service Market

Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses Auto world case study- Service Marketing.
Empathy- personalized attention to loyal and regular customers. Separate database maintenance will be established for regular customers who come for routine check up of their cars and no need for them to stand in a queue.
Assuming that manual service writing has been replaced with computerized system of entering service orders and creation of database of regular customers with oil and maintenance routine has been put in place at Auto World,
the service blueprint will be worked out as follows: (Appendix 2) (Bitner, Ostrom and Morgan 2008)
The new service strategy for enhancing service would be to segregate the routine and emergency service customers on the basis of maintained database. As a result, routine customers will be asked to fill a form and let go after taking their cars. Emergency customers would have to detail the service writer about the problem and then place the order.
As stated already, cars and their servicing are marked by greater intangibility and thus, bettering this component of the business will definitely bring benefits to Carol. Recovering from service failure will encompass timely deliveries, increased attention to customer expectations and deciding upon who should be involved at which stage and in which process of service delivery (Boshoff 1997).
As obvious from case facts, annoying behavior of employees has been a key factor in the failure and bad experience of service in Auto World (Lovelock, Wirtz & Chew 2009). As such, tangible offering will have to be coupled with more of intangible aspects to deliver an optimum service and product mix.
One bad service experience in car servicing is error in delivering the worked upon car. For instance, whether manual or computerized entry system, a car was to be delivered to the customer on a specific date but when the customer asked the service agent to confirm the date, it was told incorrect by error.
As a result, the customer had to wait

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