Create a 4 page essay paper that discusses The Economic Impact of Race and Gende

Create a 4 page essay paper that discusses The Economic Impact of Race and Gender in Relationship to differences Occupations.
According to the 2007 census, the blacks appeared to have invested significantly in businesses. The census marked a rise of 60.5% to close to 1.9 million black managed businesses. This shows that blacks are innovative. They do not wait for opportunities to come their way they go for the opportunity. The black business areas of concern included: health care and social assistance. repair department. maintenance department. and personal and laundry service sectors.
Their involvements confirm that the black’s level of education is low. Despite the later fact, the population creates an income of 27.4 % from trade, retail and social assistance sector in the same year. The blacks prefer the residence around New York City constituting close to 8.1 % of the nation’s black owned business. The blacks’ least settled in Detroit, with 1.7% business of the total black owned businesses. Blacks also tend to be aggressive as evident a prominent figure like. in the field of service comprising, Oprah Winfrey who is a billionaire in the television industry, Kobe Bryant, who earns close to $27, 849 in the sporting industry, and the President Barrack Obama, topping the political scene. The black population tends to be distributed evenly though in small percentages to almost all sectors of the economy. The highest field of attendance is education, health care and social assistance with 291% of the total population. whilst least participative in the Agriculture forestry, hunting and mining industry comprising 0.6 % by 5ythe years 2011 (Glauber, 15).
The population of the whites/ Caucasian in the market tends to be divided by gender. that is men and women in different disciplines. The male population in the management field appears as 34.8% and appears least in number, in the field of service comprising, up to 13.6%. The rest of the field occupied by

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