Critical essay on the writing by Walt Whitman ” crossing brooklyn ferry”

ESSAY MUST BE 650 WORDS. Complete a Critical Essay, analyzing positive and/or negative aspects about a work of literature found in the Norton text. You are not limited to the poets or writers we’ve read so far. As we’ve discussed, a critical essay reviews another work, in this case a work of literature. The keywill be to analyze, or examine closely, the positive and negative aspects of the work. Any observations or claims about the work must be supported with evidence from the writer’s work itself. Reading critically means asking questions about what you are reading–questions about the meaning of the text, how that meaning is presented or about the author, his or her purpose for writing, or the time in which the author writes, for example. This is why we stressed context and meaning in Week 1. The writer of a critical essay does not simply accept what the author says but analyzes why the text is convincing (or not convincing). •You cannot use first person (“I”) in a critical essay. It is much easier to focus on a single aspect of a work rather than anentire work. •You are allowed to use relevant background or historical information to show the importance of the work and the reason for your conclusions. • SUPPORTING EVIDENCE is key; in other words, quotes or examples from the text, with title and page number, to back up the points made in your essay •You are allowed to set up the essay with questions, or in the form of a question, but your essay must answer or fully address the question

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