Harassment and business management

Identifies ethical issue as it related to the business environment -Ethical Analysis – includes concepts, theories, practices and social responsibility as relating to ethics -Legal Analysis – includes appropriate legal theories, laws, codes precedent and court cases -Law v. Ethics – liability versus responsibility Important Information for this Paper -Students should review the template for a research paper on the main class page. -Students will be expected to include three (3) to five (5) scholarly resources which will include at least two business journals and two named companies or legal cases that have dealt with the selected topic. Wikipedia is not a scholarly source. -Students will be expected to submit their paper in APA format with in text citation and references -Students should review the grading rubric for additional information as to expectations for the paper -If you are not familiar with APA, please review the sections on APA at the course home page or on the library website. You can also contact the Student Success Center for assistance. —This instructor as well as Wilmington University takes plagiarism very seriously.  If there are multiple instances of plagiarism, the student will be reported to the University. -Title page -Abstract -Introduction that includes thesis statement, idea 1, idea 2, and idea 3 (do you map out exactly where the paper is going) -Idea 1 (in all idea paragraphs, do you provide a full analysis in your own words after considering legal theories and scholarly sources – do you provide support for your ideas?) -Specific information for Idea 1 -Support for Idea 1 -Idea 2 -Specific Information for Idea 2 -Support for Idea 2 -Idea 3 -Specific Information for Idea 3 -Support for Idea 3 -Compare/contrast other legal cases -Explain facts of all cases and specific details -Conclusion (do you provide a synopsis of all your idea paragraphs and legal cases?)

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