Impacts of Situational Awareness in Aviation

Description ASCI 516 Hello, For this research paper, I would like to write about the Impacts of Situational Awareness in Aviation. I have attached five scholarly articles. I do not want to restrict the writer to only these five articles. Feel free to utilize any scholarly article that fits this research paper. I have attached the requirements, checklists, and a source reference page of the five articles I uploaded. I have also uploaded the grading rubric for this assignment. This is a Aviation Crew Resource Management class, therefore I would like to keep the research paper focused towards the aviation side of CRM. Textbook information for this class is listed below: Kanki, B., Helmreich, R., & Anca, J. (2010). Crew Resource Management. San Diego, CA: Academic Pres. Please advise if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you in advance for the assistance with this research paper. 

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