Internet Report

The use of a computer program to randomly assign subjects to research groups is without a doubt the most convenient method. Explore the Research Randomizer website at and complete the tutorial to learn how to use the randomizer. Consider an experiment in which the researcher wants to compare 4 different study group formats. Then complete a Random Assignment of 200 students into 4 study groups. Copy your list of random numbers and include it in a 1-2 page report in which you discuss the following: Why is it important to randomly assign subjects to study groups? Discuss how random assignment is the best way to guard against most of the threats to internal validity. What is your overall assessment of the Research Randomizer website as a research tool? How easy or difficult did you find it to use the randomizer? What were the results of your Random Assignment Assignment? (Provide your list of random numbers generated) NOTE: Be sure to provide a citation for the website. Hint: the website provides a citation format for your use

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