Literary Value Research Essay

For this essay we’re going to be arguing in defense of the stories we love and discussing what “literary value” means. Academia has been throwing around terms like “literary value” and “literary merit” for centuries. However, this debate still exists today and has grown to include other mediums, like music, film, and television. Most of the time, these arguments have been used as a way to dismiss the stories that are enjoyed by the masses as being inferior or less significant. Well, you are the masses and you are also scholars, so here is your chance to enter this conversation. Choose a specific genre and medium (you can get more specific if you want and choose a sub-genre or even an intended audience) and argue in defense of its literary value. Ask yourself: How are other people defining literary value and what is your definition of literary value? What about this genre makes it meaningful? Valuable? Unique? Important? Why are the people who think it isn’t “valuable literature” completely and totally wrong? Purpose: (the fancy version) to be able to synthesize multiple works of your choosing, recognize patterns, close read your evidence, and position your analysis of the genre in conversation with critics. (the root version) to be able to express your ideas about the stories you love, understand why you love them, and to passionately argue in their defense. Audience: (You have several- try to cover all your bases here) 1. people who have never read/watched/listened to or experienced your genre (so they need your help to understand it). 2. AND people who have read/watched/ listened to or experienced your genre and think it’s not literature and has no value, (so they need you to convince them it does). 3. AND people who have read/watched/listened to or experienced your genre and need you to express your ideas so they can feel less alone. Tone: again, this is always up to you. Be angry. Be passionate. Be heartbroken, or sarcastic. Use whatever voice you think will help you accomplish the reaction you want from us. Include: At least 3 primary sources as examples of your chosen genre. At least 2 secondary sources to engage in conversation with. These do not have to be scholarly sources. At least one of them must be a source that disagrees with some element of your argument. Examples of Genres to choose from : Mystery (Subgenres- detective, crime drama, psychological thrillers, suspense thrillers, etc.) Comedy (Subgenres- parody, rom-com, slapstick, raunchy comedy, etc.) Action Adventure (Subgenres- epics, military stories, spy fiction, westerns, disaster stories etc.) Horror (Subgenres- Slasher, ghost stories, monster stories, supernatural horror, gothic horror Examples of Mediums to choose from: Music Film Television Intended audiences for your genre:Children Young Adults Adults

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