What countries or nationalities are represented in this film and this novel?

In your essay, answer/address the following discussion points:
– state the definition of globalization as found in your textbook(see textbook

  1. 4 to 11 for a detailed discussion of this process)
    – state the full film title and full novel title you will discuss in your essay
    – state the region or regions you will engage with your essay
    – Describe the main characters, plot, & locations featured in the film or novel (1-2 paragraphs max)
    – Describe how you see the process of globalization in the film and novel
    – What social, cultural, demographic or economic aspects of globalization are featured or exchanged in the film or novel (including ethnicity, languages, cultural practices shared such a certain foods or meals, music, etc)?
    – How is globalization shaping the characters, places, or events in the film and novel?
    – What countries or nationalities are represented in this film and this novel?
    – What elements of globalized culture do you see in the film and novel (for example, cooking/food, music, pop culture, clothing styles, city design)?
    – How are different nationalities, ethnic, cultural, or religious groups represented?
    – What symbols are used to represent different global cultures (flags, icons, etc)?
    – What sorts of political or social conflicts are represented in this film? What are the different nationalities, ethnicities, or cultures that clash?

*Ensure that you consistently argue and make a link between the film or novel’s themes, subjects, locations, and ideas to the process of globalization.

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