What is globalization and how does it relate to displacement and migratory flows? Give specific examples from the lesson and your readings.

Description What factors influence refugee and migrant flows? It is of utmost importance that we emphasize a history of colonial expansion. The independence movements following colonial occupation resulted most immediately in refugees who had supported the former colonial system. And, in many instances relocated to the former colonial country where they were often marginalized. The Colonial legacy enforced policies and the drawing up of borders with little correspondence to the ethnic and political composition of the inhabitants. As you can see, central to our discussion of globalism, globalization and the international system is Power, equitability, and access and ownership of resources. Borders are dynamic. Borders reflect the micro-cultures that surround them. The ways global and counter-global factors affect the perception of borders are not binary. Issues involving migrants and refugees are complex because multiple global and counter-global factors simultaneously influence border situations. Required Readings (embedded in your L3 module): 1. Selection from Said, Orientalism 2. Appadurai Disjuncture and Difference in the Global Cultural Economy 3. Nye Globalism versus Globalization

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